Finally, the 220s!

I have been trying to get my weight below 230 for the longest time but there was always something in the way. I’m now 8 pounds away from my first goal weight – not my stretch goal weight – but a comfortable goal weight.

I’ve mentioned before that I tried low carb for a while, and that worked. then stopped

I tried paleo for a while, that worked, then stopped.

I tried keto for a while, that worked then stopped.

Finally, even though I didn’t think caloric restriction was going to work for me, once I hit the right numbers I was on my way. The key was to start with Noom and track all of my calories.

Initially, I would use the number they provided as my calorie target, but that rarely worked for weight loss. So I adjusted my intake to 200 calories below their suggestion. That worked.

Eventually, I discovered the Fast 800 and went to a target of 800 a day. While I don’t hit it all the time, I do my best.

And now, finally, I’ve in the zone. wish me luck to keep going.

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