bookmark_borderSNOW’S BY BUMBLE BEE Chopped Clams, 6.5 Ounce Can (Case of 12), Canned Clams, Gluten Free, High Protein, Keto Food, Keto Snacks, Paleo Diet Food, Canned Food

  • WSNOW’S CHOPPED CLAMS: These delicious chopped clams are perfect for soups, sauces, pastas, or any seafood recipe
  • QUALITY IN EVERY CAN: Case of 12, 6.5-ounce cans of chopped clams
  • CANNED CHOPPED CLAMS: SNOW’S BY BUMBLE BEE clams are flavorful and convenient
  • CONVENIENT AND VERSATILE: SNOW’S BY BUMBLE BEE Chopped Clams are perfect for sauces, soups, pastas, or any seafood recipe.
  • BUMBLE BEE SNOW’S: Capture that hearty New England tradition today, only with canned clams and other clam products from SNOW’S BY BUMBLE BEE

A can of Snow’s minced clams and a box of linguini and you have the most inexpensive, most delicious dinner for four. If you use them for a dip, save the liquid, which in itself adds flavor to other dishes. In other words, these are versatile and I always have them on hand. I like the size of the mince and the bite and mouth feel of the clam itself. I don’t know, whether it’s the fact I’ve been eating these for over 50 yrs or its nostalgia, but the quality and taste are still the same. And if you are low carb or Keto or gluten-free they add such delicious flavor to the new pasta alternatives. Oh, and these will cost you a lot more in the grocery stores.

bookmark_borderWasa Light Rye Crispbread, 9.5 Ounce (Pack of 12)

  • WASA LIGHT RYE CRISPBREAD: Crispy, airy and full of flavor, savor 40 calorie per serving WASA Light Rye crispbread as a great alternative to bread and crackers
  • LIGHT RYE CRISPBREAD: Made with only two simple, all-natural ingredients—100% whole grain rye flour and salt, for a deliciously wholesome taste and texture
  • ONLY 40 CALORIES PER SERVING: WASA Light Rye crispbread is all-natural, fat free, no saturated fat and 0g trans fat, cholesterol free and Kosher certified; Made with 100% whole grain for 18g of whole grain and 4g of fiber per serving
  • NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED CRACKERS: These fiber crispbreads are made with Non-GMO ingredients and are a great alternative to crackers; Product of Germany
  • LIGHT RYE CRACKERS: Layer your favorite toppings on WASA crispbread for smart and satisfying snacks! Replace bread with fiber crispbreads for a creative and wholesome breakfast or open faced sandwich at lunch
  • WASA LIGHT RYE CRACKERS: Our Swedish roots are reflected in our quality; We carefully select and perfectly blend simple, all-natural ingredients to create WASA’s signature “crunch” and great taste
  • WASA CRISPBREAD: Enjoy as a great alternative to bread, crackers and other snacks
  • SCANDINAVIAN FIBER CRISPBREAD: With 100 years of experience making delicious WASA crackers and crispbreads, WASA is the world’s largest producer of crispbreads and has mastered the art of authentic crispbread

I have been buying these Wasa crackers for a few years now. They are extremely airy and crispy, whole grain, and have low carbs. I can’t eat regular bread after my gastric bypass surgery almost 20 years ago but I can eat crunchy things instead! These fit the bill to let me eat a “sandwich” without bread, but with great taste. Sometimes for a snack, I will simply smear a little light butter or all-fruit jelly on them. It doesn’t take a whole lot of either to cover so it keeps calories down and tastes up! They are always in my pantry!

bookmark_borderFriendly Grains – Crunchy Rice Rollers – Gluten-Free – Vegan – 3.5 oz Individual Packs (8 Packs of 8 Rollers)

  • Only 4 simple ingredients
  • Vegan, Gluten Free, Low Fat, No Cholesterol, Low Sodium
  • Includes 8 rollers per bag, 8 total bags
  • Simple rollers that are perfect for anyone needing an on-the-go crunch
  • Enjoy plain, dipped into your favorite spread, or crushed up in a yummy salad

I’ve always liked rice cakes but only recently discovered these rice rollers, which I think are much better. I like the slight sweetness to these but better than rice cakes is the fact that these do not fall apart when taking a bite – so fewer crumbs and less mess. My package arrived with no breakage whatsoever. I will continue to order these since they make a great snack that’s more healthy than chips and cookies.

bookmark_borderLeilo Calm in a Can Sparkling Sunset Variety, 12 ounce, Pack of 12

  • NON-ALCOHOLIC RELAXATION – Harnessing kava and l-theanine, Leilo provides a clinical dose of calm in each can. We use only the best all-natural ingredients and have made the health conscious consumer our priority: we’re halal, kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and more. At only 40 calories, you could say we’re relaxation made responsible.
  • OUR STAR INGREDIENT: KAVA – Kava is found in the South Pacific and naturally provides uplifting relaxation and peace of mind. It has been used by islanders for thousands of years as a social lubricant and is now one of America’s fastest growing botanical ingredients with over 180 kava bars nationwide. At Leilo, we use a clinically recommended quantity to ensure heightened relaxation in each can.
  • PATENT PENDING FORMULA – Leilo is the first brand to provide a tasty, carbonated, and shelf stable kava supplement. Our process is unique to any other product on the market.
  • CONVENIENT & ECO-FRIENDLY – We make the effects of kava easily accessible in a slim 12 oz can. All of our packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable, and we’ve planted over 3000 trees this year to off-set our carbon footprint.
  • Made in the USA

Got recommended this by a friend, and god am I glad it was! Sipping on one of these with a book on my back porch was absolute heaven. It really made me feel noticeably more relaxed! Blackberry Orange and Lemon Ginger are great but have a bit more of the earthy “rooty” flavor. My husband likes Tango Berry, which is more of a straight fruity flavor. My favorite is Raspberry Hibiscus, which is a perfect balance for my taste! Good stuff!

bookmark_borderCHOMPS MINI Grass-Fed Beef Jerky Meat Snack Sticks, Keto, Paleo, Whole30 Approved, Sugar-Free, Low Carb, Nitrate Free, Gluten Free, High Protein, Non-GMO, 40 Calories 0.5 Oz, Original Beef 24 Pack

  • SAME CRAVEABLE TASTE, JUST MINI – Peppered, Slightly smoky, slightly spicy
  • CLEAN SNACK – Each mini 0.5oz meat stick has 4g of protein, low sodium, low fat, low carb, sugar free & only 40 calories
  • DIET APPROVED – Our jerky sticks are Keto Friendly, Whole30 Approved, Paleo, Non-GMO, Certified Gluten Free
  • ALLERGEN FRIENDLY – All natural, real ingredients that are dairy free, soy free, nut free, gluten free, sugar free
  • ON-THE-GO, QUALITY PROTEIN – Our beef is 100% Grass Fed & Finished, Certified Humane, and nitrate nitrite free

Sticking to Whole30 or Keto is hard enough… but Chomp’s original meatsticks are part of my backup plan. And now they make them smaller, YAY! Pocket-sized, fits in my purse without sticking out…. and the flavor is so good my husband steals them. (Lemme tell you these taste like the SlimJims of childhood — ONLY BETTER! ) Chomplings are the best thing ever, (you know you want to say ‘best thing since sliced bread) The best thing since I GAVE UP sliced bread! 🙂

bookmark_borderKITU SUPER COFFEE Keto Coffee Creamer | 0g Added Sugar, 2g Protein, 40 Calories [Vanilla] 25.4 Fl Oz, 3 Pack

  • COFFEE CREAMER + PROTEIN: Try 3 packs of Vanilla Super Creamer, packed with 2g of protein, 0g of sugar and only 40 calories – perfect coffee creamer for any keto coffee.
  • GREAT TASTE: Can’t find a healthy coffee creamer? Vanilla Super Creamer is the perfect sugar free coffee creamer choice. It’s rich, but not overpowering; sweet, but not sugary – 2g protein, 0g sugar, and lactose free.
  • HEALTHY: While other coffee creamers load up on sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, Vanilla Super Creamer combines delicious creamer, whey protein, MCT oil and just a touch of monk fruit extract – the perfect sugar free creamer addition to any keto coffee.
  • FUNCTIONAL: You can use our keto coffee creamer in more ways than one. Whether you are adding it to your iced coffee or using it in a baking recipe, Vanilla Super Creamer is your go-to sugar free coffee creamer. Shelf-stable, too!
  • FAMILY OWNED: It all started in our little brother’s dorm room. Now over 5 years later, we’ve been featured on Shark Tank and sold than 50,000,000 Super Coffee bottles nationwide. Don’t worry, we’ve moved out of the dorm room.

I saw this at the grocery store and laughed at the name. Super creamer! I thought. Whatever! Every time I went back to the store, it kept staring at me, challenging me. So I finally bought it. I bought the nonflavored one, and I LOVED IT! It’s creamy, it’s filling, it’s amazing! I have tried the flavored ones, and while they are yummy, the sweetener leaves a nasty taste in my mouth, so I’m sticking to the nonflavored one. But it’s perfect, so I’m happy. This helps me do my morning fast. I drink coffee and then am not hungry until around 1 pm! LOVE IT!

bookmark_borderZojirushi America Corporation Vacuum-Electric Hybrid Water Boiler and Dispenser, 5-Liter, Stainless Dark Brown

This is amazing for weight loss. Hot water is on demand for all teas, coffees, and soup mixes. Great for a fast meal or a filling cup of hot coffee or tea.

  • Hybrid water boiler and warmer; Energy-saving timer function (6-10 hours)
  • 4 keep warm temperature settings (160 Degree F, 175 Degree F, 195 Degree F, 208 Degree F) and vacuum insulated non-electric keep warm
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) : 8.8 x 11.1 x 15.8 Inches. Removable magnetic power cord
  • Quick temp mode brings water to desired temperature without boiling, Micro computerized temperature control system
  • Easy-To-Clean nonstick interior and clear-coated stainless steel body

This is the best water boiler and dispenser I’ve owned. This is really only for people who drink a lot of different teas. Temperature settings for different green, black, white, matcha, teas, etc.

But the main reason why this one is worth the extra price is the “quick temp” setting. This is the one feature that makes the world of difference between this model and this brand vs. all others that don’t have this feature. I used to own Panasonics that didn’t have this feature and will never go back. So what is so special about his one feature? Time. This feature means that the unit will only heat up to the temperature you want and stop. All the models without this feature, especially Panasonics, always go to a complete boil then you have to wait for the temperature to slowly come down to the temperature you want. This can take over an hour depending on what you set the temperature at. However with “quick temp” just put the water in, and in a few minutes, you get the temperature you want. If you are a serious tea drinker and want the different temperature settings, only buy a model with this “quick temp” setting.

The other nice feature is the vacuum layer. This means that you need to use less energy to keep the water at the correct temp. And if you select “vacuum” overnight, the temperature only drops 30-60 degrees while using no electricity. Then in the morning choose your temperature and “quick temp” and it will reach your desired temp in just a few minutes.
If you are a serious tea drinker and want one of these Japanese thermo pots, only buy a model with a “quick temp” setting.

bookmark_borderNestle Cocoa Mix No Sugar Added 30 Count .28 Oz Packets

  • 25 Calories. Low Sugar. Zero Artificial Flavors, Product_Type – Beverages-Hot Cocoa
  • Beverage_Type – Hot Cocoa
  • Flavor – Rich Chocolate
  • Packing_Type – Box
  • Capacity_Volume – 0.28 oz

This is the best sugar-free hot chocolate I have found. Those who have complained saying it is watery more than likely mixed it with 8 ounces of water versus the 6 ounces the instructions say to use. I usually mix 1 1/2 pkg of mix in my mugs or use 6 oz of water with one package. It isn’t watery tasty then. I do wish they would put enough in the package to make the average size cup (8oz). the grocery stores in my area carry Nestle products but are not sugar-free, my only choice is either generic or another brand name. I don’t like Swiss Miss as it is the one which tastes watery to me even when I go specifically by their directions. Nestle is more a milk chocolate flavor.

bookmark_borderWild Bill’s – Orange Cream Soda, All Natural Ingredients, 25 Calories, Low Sugar, Caffeine Free, Vegan, Gluten-Free (12 oz Cans, 12-Pack)

  • ALL SWEET, NO CHEAT: 25 Calories. Low Sugar. Zero Artificial Flavors, Colors, Sweeteners and Preservatives.
  • TASTING NOTES: Dreamsicle, Vanilla, Orange
  • FLAVOR DESCRIPTION: Bursting, fruity orange flavor with a sweet, creamy vanilla finish. This classic soda tastes, smells and almost looks like those dreamsicles of distant summers past.
  • MEAL PAIRINGS: Asian cuisine, especially umami-heavy dishes like fried eggrolls, chicken wings and pork satay. The sweet citrus flavor of our orange cream cuts through the spice of rich, often sauce-laden Asian foods, providing a perfect balance.
  • PURE CANE SUGAR + STEVIA: No High Fructose Corn Syrup, Vegan, Caffeine Free, Low Sodium and Gluten Free
  • MADE IN THE USA: Proudly Veteran Owned and Operated!