Nestle Cocoa Mix No Sugar Added 30 Count .28 Oz Packets

  • 25 Calories. Low Sugar. Zero Artificial Flavors, Product_Type – Beverages-Hot Cocoa
  • Beverage_Type – Hot Cocoa
  • Flavor – Rich Chocolate
  • Packing_Type – Box
  • Capacity_Volume – 0.28 oz

This is the best sugar-free hot chocolate I have found. Those who have complained saying it is watery more than likely mixed it with 8 ounces of water versus the 6 ounces the instructions say to use. I usually mix 1 1/2 pkg of mix in my mugs or use 6 oz of water with one package. It isn’t watery tasty then. I do wish they would put enough in the package to make the average size cup (8oz). the grocery stores in my area carry Nestle products but are not sugar-free, my only choice is either generic or another brand name. I don’t like Swiss Miss as it is the one which tastes watery to me even when I go specifically by their directions. Nestle is more a milk chocolate flavor.

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