Dieting is hard. We mean really hard. We’ve tried what feels like hundreds of diets and (low carb, Atkins, cabbage soup, drinking oil, you name it) but the only diet which seems to work (for us at least) is a caloric restriction diet or a low cal diet. Lately, we’ve had great success with the Fast800 diet.

The only downside: we are having trouble finding foods that are low-calorie enough that we feel that we can indulge in them without destroying all of our hard work.

So we thought we’d start up a community that featured Super Low-Calorie Foods, like 0 calorie beers, 5 calorie soups, and 10 calorie snacks for our own use, and for everyone else out there who is also on a low-calorie diet

Not only will you find foods, all of which are very low calorie (most are 10 calories or less), you will also find things to make those foods (like a coffee maker and a shaved ice maker) as well as diet and recipe books that we’ve found helpful on our low-calorie journey.

We’ll be posting a new item every day, so please join our mailing list below to get new items in your inbox.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Super Low Cal is reader-supported. When you buy something using links on our site, we may earn a few bucks.

Thanks…Chris & Kitty

If you have any suggestions for any new items you’ve found which are 10 calories or less, or if you have any comments on the site, please let us know in the comments below.

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